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Hi, my name is Liam Partridge and (at the moment) I am Studio DeLaNoix. I've been working with audio, music and sound as a freelance engineer since 2009 with most notable clients being:

PRG Belgium, Ampco Flashlight, Holiday On Ice, Live Nation, Stage Entertainment and Cameron Mackintosh Productions.

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In my years as a live engineer I have worked in more than 300 venues across 22 countries facilitating shows and performances for more than (approx) 0.5 million people per year at events with up to 16000 capacity.

While my recent experience is in the field of live entertainment, I started in the studio and this project has been created to get back there now I have the industry experience and confidence in my own abilities.

For more information about me and what I've done / can do, please feel free to get in touch and ask for a CV while I build the site portfolio.


Studio DeLaNoix is a work in progress that is comprised of three parts.

1. Physical Design & Construction

Having always had to "make do" in an less than adequate acoustic environment, the idea of being able to design and build my own dream studio has been something I have always wanted to do. Understanding audio principals, acoustics and workflow ergonomics, this is really the chance to make that vision a reality. 

With no previous experience in the building trade, everything I have learned, I have learned in the process.

This has included masonry, joinery, roofing, insulation, electrics, plumbing, drainage, ventilation, plaster-boarding, painting, flooring... all alone or with very little help.

While this hasn't been easy, I'm very happy with the way things have gone so far and am very excited to be in a position to host visitors next year. 

2. Audio Engineering Services

Using the skills, experience, equipment accumulated over the years, Studio DeLaNoix will be offering the following services:

Recording, Editing and Mixing - Voice, Music and Foley

Mastering - Music and Audio for Digital Streaming Platforms

Production & Design - Music, Samples, Instruments, Sound Effects, FX

Systems - Design, Specifications, Budget, Installation, Operation

Equipment and Software - Programming, Updating, Fault Diagnosis & Technical Support

3. High Quality Audio Products

Understanding the legal implications of using music in your private / public project is critical. As well as providing engineering services for other creatives, we will also be making our own original content for commercial use.

Products will include: Samples, Loops, Music, Tones and Atmospheres, Instruments, Foley, SFX,

Project Templates, Presets, Hardware Accessories

All products will be available exclusively until they have been purchased under a generic (non-exclusive) license. 

Exclusivity will only be available on unsold content and will then be removed from the site for the license term.

Our products will be licensed with a selection of different exclusivity rights and timescales.

Please note that while most of our products will be available royalty free, we will also be producing content for the broadcast market and some items will not be available under this licence.


Our aim is to provide high quality audio products and services for professional individuals and enterprises looking to take their audio to the next level.


There has been a significant growth in technological innovation and accessibility, with a new wave of digital enterprises implementing audio in their professional campaigns, however a lot of which is being done at an amateur level - which can be severely damaging to the associated quality of the product/service it promotes.

We would like to share our experience and expertise in the field to help build your audio identity to a level that is on par with that of the biggest, most reputable companies in the world.

Introductory Offer


As a new business we are aware that our reputation is yet to be established.

That’s why we are offering our services on a ‘don’t like - don’t pay’ basis.*

We will complete your request within 14 days and send you a private link with your password protected product page  where you can preview the high quality stereo mix and download your files. We are working on a booking system to allow customers to book from available slots, until then orders will be completed on a first come first serve basis. We will contact you if we expect delays.

You will then have 14 days to either approve the transaction by downloading the files or decline by doing nothing.

All approved transactions are then eligible for up to two further revisions of the final product.**

To sweeten the deal, we’re offering 50% discount codes (single use - excluding deposit) to all new customers. Use the following coupon at checkout to benefit from the offer.


Subscribe to our newsfeed to keep up-to-date on new products, services and promotional offers.

*All orders are subject to a €10 non-returnable deposit - paid on service purchase.

**up to and including 30 days after download (not after).

***All files and intellectual properties are handled discreetly and securely.

**** Offer subject to limited availability and can be withdrawn at any time.

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